New location in Frederick, MD

3362 B Urbana Pike
Ijamsville, MD 21754

Wednesdays and Saturdays 10am-4pm

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Baltimore Location

1114 Cathedral Street, Upstairs (suite 200)
Baltimore, MD 21201

Mon, Tues, Thursday - 10am to 2pm
Friday - 10am to 4pm
Saturday - 10am to 4pm


3362 B Urbana Pike
Ijamsville, MD 21754

Weds, Saturday - 10am to 4pm

We put it all together…

… with you so we can find a natural alternative approach to helping you achieve a better quality of life. We offer free assistance with your MMCC registration at the time of your appointment. Our friendly and efficient staff will guide you through the process of becoming a legal cannabis patient. The office visit is quick and easy. Let us show you how a Doctor’s office should really work.

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Call or Text

Our Call Center is open 10am-4 pm Monday through Friday.
Our staff are experts in the cannabis field and we pride ourselves in providing our patients with the best service in the

Call or text to make an appointment or for more information.
(410) 314-9548


Medical Cannabis Certifications

Medical cannabis certifications are performed by our professional Maryland registered providers

Cannabis Consultation

Have questions about Cannabis? Ask our doctors if Cannabis is right for you and how you can benefit from being a patient

Need Help Registering?

Call us for any questions you have. You can also walk-in or schedule a time to get help at any point in the process.

Urbn Holistic Leaf

Since 1993

Our Message

We are a group of compassionate medical cannabis providers and supporters working together to give patients an alternative to opioids and other pharmaceuticals. We want to help you obtain a better quality of life. Our staff are experts on medical cannabis and can answer any questions you may have about the program, the process, or what medical cannabis can do for you.

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Mail-Bag: [email protected]

You can also email us through the Contact Us page.