Our Story

We are a group of cannabis medical providers and supporters who believe in this safe and natural medicine. Our team consists of experienced cannabis professionals that are experts in the industry and are passionate about helping our patients.

Most importantly, we believe in providing our patients with a world class experience from start to finish.

Please contact us if you have any questions about medical cannabis and what it can do for you. We are here to help you.

Our Approach

Our mission is simple.

We want to help patients feel better and live better lives.

We treat everyone with respect and dignity and we strive to provide the best customer service in the industry. We are patient advocates and we want to help you. Give us a call today and let us help you to a better life.

You can find us at 1114 Cathedral Street, Second Floor in Mt Vernon, Baltimore.

For questions, direction, or information… Call or Text (410) 314-9548