Medical Cannabis and Employment

Posted by urbnholistic on October 17, 2018

I get asked all the time about how being a medical cannabis patient will affect a patient’s employment if they are asked to take a drug test. I am also asked by employers for advice on how to handle employees that are legal cannabis patients that fail drug tests for cannabis. Talk about a gray area.It seems employees and employers alike are confused about the laws concerning medical cannabis. The Maryland government has not done

Questions and Cannabutter

Posted by urbnholistic on September 20, 2018

Time to answer some more of your questions. You can submit your questions directly to us at We will answer your question whether it is included in the blog or not, so go ahead and send us your questions. Why does the MMCC system go down so much?– Sylvia- Baltimore Answer:Thanks for the question Sylvia! Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to obtain your medicine due to the MMCC’s system being down.

Cannabis, the Federal Government and You…

Posted by urbnholistic on August 23, 2018

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This week I had several patients who are long time chronic pain suffers come to me with the same problem. They were all being forced to choose between cannabis or opiates for their continued treatment and pain management. Let me explain. These patients are all enrolled in pain management programs that give them an allotment of medicine to treat their pain among other provided services.The problem is they are all enrolled in federal programs and

Answering your Questions

Posted by urbnholistic on August 17, 2018

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I will be answering your questions from time to time in this space. If you have a question you’d like answered you can email it to us at I can’t promise that your question will make the blog, but I can guarantee that you will receive a response with an answer to your question. By sharing information, we all learn and grow. Knowledge is power!-Mike Woolf What Strains are good for… My PCP isn’t

Welcome to Urbn Holistic

Posted by urbnholistic on August 10, 2018

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It’s Been A WhileIt’s been a while since I have written, and the mailbag has been filling up. I love hearing from people and getting cannabis related questions. I wish I could get to more of them, but I hope you keep sending them and I’ll answer as many as I can in this blog so we can all get the answers. You can now send your questions to me at I will start