Answering your Questions

Posted by urbnholistic on August 17, 2018
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I will be answering your questions from time to time in this space. If you have a question you’d like answered you can email it to us at I can’t promise that your question will make the blog, but I can guarantee that you will receive a response with an answer to your question. By sharing information, we all learn and grow. Knowledge is power!-Mike Woolf What Strains are good for… My PCP isn’t

Welcome to Urbn Holistic

Posted by urbnholistic on August 10, 2018
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It’s Been A WhileIt’s been a while since I have written, and the mailbag has been filling up. I love hearing from people and getting cannabis related questions. I wish I could get to more of them, but I hope you keep sending them and I’ll answer as many as I can in this blog so we can all get the answers. You can now send your questions to me at I will start