Answering your Questions

I will be answering your questions from time to time in this space. If you have a question you’d like answered you can email it to us at [email protected]. I can’t promise that your question will make the blog, but I can guarantee that you will receive a response with an answer to your question. By sharing information, we all learn and grow. Knowledge is power!

-Mike Woolf

What Are Some Good Strains For….



What are some good strains to aid sleep?
- Robert - Hunt Valley

Thanks for the question Robert. This is a popular question that we receive from patients. While you need to find the specific strain that really works for you there are a few basic guidelines to follow. Typically, you want an Indica or at least an indica leaning hybrid for help with sleep. While some people find these results with a sativa strain, more people will get a sleepy effect from indica strains. We have had many patients share their success stories with us and they are always happy to tell us what worked for them. Some of the strains our patients have successfully used for aid with sleep are, Virgin OG, Blueberry, Blue Cheese, Bubba OG, Monster Cookies, Blackberry, and Lavender to name a few. Ask your budtender to see what your dispensary recommends, or you can contact Urbn Holistic for strain recommendations.

My PCP isn’t Certifying Patients


My doctor isn’t certifying patients for medical cannabis, but I’d like to try it.

Since my PCP isn’t registered to certify, how do I go about becoming a cannabis patient?
- Sylvia - Pikesville

Thanks for your question Sylvia. As a patient you have a right to choose what treatment plan is right for you. We work with patients whose PCP won’t certify them for cannabis or can’t certify them for the program. There are many reasons why some PCPs do not certify patients for cannabis. Some are related to federal restrictions and insurance issues. Many PCPs refer patients to us to help them augment their current course of treatment by using cannabis. Sylvia, as a patient you always have a right to a second opinion. If you think cannabis can help you, or if you have any questions regarding medical cannabis please contact Urbn Holistic at 410 314 9548. They will be happy to answer your questions and get you certified if it is the right thing for you.

So... What's good?

Flower in a jar


What’s good?
- Ray - Randallstown

Hi Ray, there is lots that’s good. First, if you are in Maryland and reading this, we live in a state that has a medical cannabis program. It has never been easier to get access to this natural medicine. Also good are the results that people from all walks of life are getting from using cannabis.

Police stopping car

What if I am Stopped by Police?


What do I do if I am stopped by the police after visiting a dispensary?
- Angel - Baltimore

We get asked this question a lot Angel, thank you for the question. Best practices when transporting your medicine home is as follows. Make sure your cannabis is out of arms reach.

While you can transport your medicine, it is certainly illegal and inadvisable to consume it or be under the influence of it while driving. I typically advise patients to put the medicine in the trunk or back of the car when driving. I also advise patients to make a copy of their certification and place it in their glove box with their car registration and other related information. If you are pulled over by the police and they search your car and find the cannabis, that’s when you let the officer know that you are a legal cannabis patient. I would then present the officer with my certification.

Please know that I am not a lawyer and I am in no way giving you legal advice.


I think cannabis could help me, but I don’t want to smoke or vape it.

I suffer from chronic joint pain and am looking for some relief. Advice?
- Joyce - Baltimore

Great question Joyce. Many patients have the same concern of not wanting to smoke or vape cannabis but want to try it for their ailments. There are many different delivery methods for cannabis. There are topicals, tablets, tinctures, patches, and edibles to name a few. To get specific advice on your condition please contact Urbn Holistic at 410 314 9548 and they will assist you in finding the right course of treatment for you.

Urbn Holistic is a medical cannabis evaluation clinic located in Baltimore. For an appointment or information on getting certified Call or text 410 314 9548

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