What’s in Your Medicine Cabinet?

One of the best things about being a legal cannabis patient is that I get to try all kinds of different strains. Varieties that I have only read about or seen in a magazine are now easily within my reach. Also, here at Urbn Holistic we are encouraged to try different strains so that we can better advise our patients on what may be effective for them. We also like to provide first hand knowledge of the medicine whenever possible.

 Over the course of the last year and a half I have tried a lot of cannabis. I usually buy smalls amounts, such as a gram or a pre-roll when available, so I can sample a specific strain. The ones that I like, I go back and buy larger amounts. This is a great way to sample a lot of different strains without breaking the bank. After doing an inventory of my current medicine, I did a little organizing too. See, I have yet to throw away any of my empty containers from the last year and a half. I always thought I would need them for something, but it appears I really don’t.  My first thought as I looked upon the empty containers of sessions past was, when is someone going to make cannabis packaging out of hemp, or some other biodegradable material? The amount of empty plastic and glass containers I have is obscene. There must be a better way that lessens our footprint. Why can’t natural medicine come in a natural container that’s environmentally friendly?

The second thought I had was, wow, that’s a lot of cannabis. You can read that as I was proud of that fact, or I was shocked, your choice. What I did start to notice is that there were plenty of things I only purchased once, while there were others that I bought several times. I figured I would share with you my findings. A few things to keep in mind. I typically like sativas, so my list leans a little that way. That’s one of the great things about cannabis, everyone has their favorites. Another thing I have noticed is that different growers who grow the same strain, grow different medicine. Meaning grower A’s sour diesel, may differ significantly from grower B’s sour diesel. I’ve included who the grower was because I think it’s another way to differentiate the different strains. That being said, my choices may have at times been influenced by different factors such as availability, price, and geography. I have had good medicine from every single grower and my list is not intended to rank anything, but merely show what I have consistently used over the last 18 months. Let’s see what worked for me. These are ranked in no particular order. The only qualification is that I purchased them multiple times.

Santa Cruz Blue Dream, Evermore

I’ve had lots of blue dream, and I have liked all the blue dream I have had, but Evermore’s entry is my favorite. Blueberry and Haze never looked or tasted so good. Fantastic daytime medicine that I find myself going back to time and time again.

East Coast Sour Diesel, Curio

Again, I’ve had a few different versions of this, but Curio has the hands down best East Coast Sour Diesel in my humble opinion. Pungent and potent, this medicine is just what you need if you have a list of chores to knock out, or if you need motivation to hit the gym.

G6 (Jet Fuel), Verano

Jet Fuel says it all. Panic attack in a can. Great for fatigue or to replace your morning cup of joe. Always looks, smells, and smokes great. Always brings a smile and a can-do attitude with every session. Not for amateurs.

Blue Cheese, gLeaf

A terrific pain killing, mood lifting, relaxing strain. One of my after-dinner favorites. Relaxes the body and mind and can best be described as creamy and smooth.

Lemon Skunk, SunMed

Another great day time strain that is sure to give you a lift. Fantastic lemon smell and taste.

Virgin OG, Liberty

This is my go-to medicine for sleep. Anytime I have any trouble sleeping, or sleeping deeply, I use Liberty’s Virgin OG.  For me it’s the same experience every time. I smoke a little of it and find myself smiling and content. I wait a few minutes and smoke a little more and I wake up 6 hours later refreshed and ready to take on the world.

Platinum Cookies, Harvest

Okay, I’ve had lots of cookies from lots of growers. Most of them were awesome to say the least, but my personal favorite is Harvest’s Platinum Girl Scout Cookies. Smooth, great tasting smoke, that provides an upbeat but relaxed feeling head to toe.

Willie’s Tour Bus, Grassroots

This was only out a few times but after stumbling across it I made it a mission to acquire more of it whenever possible. A fantastic day time strain that will give you energy and a smile. If this is what Willie smokes on his tour bus, no wonder he still tours.

More Great Strains

Diesel Dough, by Culta

I love this for early morning workouts.

Fruity Pebbles OG x Sour Dub, by Grow West

Great middle of the day sativa.

Bubble Gum Diesel, By Natures Heritage

One of my personal favorites for settling down with a good book or movie.

I could go on, but I’ve already said too much. Comment below and let me know what you are using on a consistent basis and what it does for you. By sharing our knowledge and experience, we all learn and grow together.

Urbn Holistic is a medical cannabis evaluation clinic located in Baltimore. For an appointment or information on getting certified Call or text 410-314-9548urbnholistic.com

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